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Door Access & Entry Systems

Access Control

We offer server managed access control and non managed access control. The centrally managed system uses a piece of sofware installed on a machine on your site to push configuration to all of the access control units attached to your doors, barriers etc. This makes allowing access to a specific person or fob dead easy. It can be done from that machine its self or from a mobile app or web browser over the internet.

We can also install stand alone access control. This is not centrally managed and a change would have to be made to each unit individually. It is often cheaper than managed solution.

Intercom Entry

Door entry systems are becoming more sought after. These type of systems have a buzzer whichis pressed which rings on a handset in the buildings reception or concierge. They can then speak to the visitor to allow them in.

These systems are good for company offices or managed buildings and are fully compatible with the centrally managed access control system to bring you one big system with both entry and access control.

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